KZ (Kae-Z) is a talented and diverse upcoming rapper, who sounds far from amateur and engineers most of his own work. Some would say his style is what the future of music may need. He hopes to one day have fans, world-wide, appreciate his passion for hip hop music and his talent of words utilized. Because he speaks from the heart, he knows just when motivate his audience by using deep metaphors and word play, so they can just listen along and nod their heads to the beat. His inspiration comes from lyrical rappers such as Nas, Jay-Z, Joe Buddens as well as other new rappers in the hip hop industry, such as SwaggaBoyLos and J. Cole.

Born in B
oston, Massachusetts, a city where opportunities are small and dreams are big, he developed a passion for music. As he grew older, his musical talent began to develop toward hip hop. Kae-Z now lives in Chelsea, Massachusetts, 10 Minutes from the heart of Boston and continues to write and compose his own songs. In early 2012, he composed a new mix tape called "Chelsea Dreams" and posted it on DatPiff
Please feel free to listen to it and comment on it as well. In
addition, Kae-Z has more information and sound tracks on his social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reverbnation, SoundCloud. Feel free to look him up and follow him for more updates of his music and life as well as viewing his videos and pictures on this site.

Recently, Kae-Z aligned himself with Boston's Hip-Hop “Take Over Music” where he and his cousin, “Juju B Music", hope to take over the urban scene and spread their hip hop music styles far out of Massachusetts. 

Kae-Z's aspiration is to be identified by a music production company where he will not only be able to be acknowledged within the hip-hop industry, but serve as an asset to the company who produces his music as well.

Check Out Kae-Z's Two Newest Songs on his Music Page
"OneThing" & "Fully Reloaded Freestyle"

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